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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice for Businesses 

This page will be updated regularly with the latest information on Coronavirus support available to businesses. 


Coronavirus Advice for Businesses


Consultation on engagement with business and civil society groups 

On 9th August the UK Government issued a consultation to seek views on how it should engage with business and civil society groups on implementation of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), through the Domestic Advisory Group (DAG) and the Civil Society Forum (CSF).


Issues covered by the TCA (UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement) include: trade, energy, air transport, aviation safety, road transport, social security coordination, fisheries, law enforcement and judicial cooperation, and participation in Union Programmes.


The Consultation open from 9 August 2021 and closes at 11:45pm on 14 September 2021.

Consultation on engagement with business and civil society groups - GOV.UK ( 


Transport Research and Innovation Grants: Zero Emission Flight

The UK Government committed in the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution to invest in R&D into the infrastructure upgrades required at UK airports to incorporate battery and hydrogen-powered aircraft into their day-to-day operations. Funding will be available to support cutting edge research and development work to help build the UK airports and airfields of the future, ensuring they are equipped to support the UK’s ambition to deliver a first zero emission commercial flight later this decade, and provide a lasting, sustainable, future airport and airfield infrastructure for hydrogen and electric-powered aircraft.

The programme will run within the 2021/22 financial year with a range of opportunities for industry and academia to participate in grant funding, workshop and demonstration activity. The programme’s findings will be published to benefit the whole of the UK aviation sector.



Invest in the Vale of Glamorgan

The 1st edition of our "Invest in the Vale of Glamorgan" brochure is now available. 

This brochure has given us the opportunity to celebrate all that is unique about working and living in the Vale and showcases the range of extremely successful business. 


The Council will continue to work hard to promote the Vale of Glamorgan in partnership with CCRCD as an attractive location for inward investment and looks forward to working with you in the future.



Barry Story


The Barry Story

A place for business and innovation, connected to the world.


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The Vale of Glamorgan Council can:

  • facilitate confidential discussions with key partners including Welsh and UK Government support agencies such as Trade; Invest Wales and Business Wales;

  • help you forge links with other businesses in the region;

  • run business workshops and events;

  • support procurement and supply chain opportunities;

  • provide information on planning and other legislation;

  • work with you to look at development and investment opportunities;

  • give you access to statistics and other information relating to the Vale of Glamorgan;

  • signpost to sources of funding; and

  • host your business in one of our many business units. 


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