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Our Vale is the Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board (PSB). It brings together seinor leader from public and third sector organisations across the Vale of Glamorgan to work in partnership for a better future. 



Well-being of Future Generations Act:

PSBs were established in each local authority area in Wales through the Well-being of Future Generations Act. Through the Vale PSB and its Well-being Plan partners are working together to improve the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of the Vale of Glamorgan. The video below gives a useful overview of the Act and what it hopes to achieve for Wales; and what the PSB is working towards for the Vale of Glamorgan.


Our Vale:

For more information about the work of the PSB, it's Well-being Plan and the Board's meetings, please visit the Public Services Board's website


Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board






The Board:

The Council is one of four statutory partners of the PSB, the other three statutory partners are: 

In addition to the statutory partners, a number of other partners have also accepted the invitation to be members of the the PSB and participate in its activities. These are: 


Our Key Partnerships:

In addition to the partners who make up the membership of the PSB, the Board works with a number of key strategic partnerships: 


The Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership

Through the Integrated Health and Social Care partnership, the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board (RPB) brings together colleagues who provide health and social care for the people of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. The partnership seeks to improve services by working more closely together for groups of people in our communities including older people, children with complex needs, those with learning difficulties and those experiencing mental health issues. The RPB has been established through the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014; the sister Act of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. 

The PSB and RPB have, and continue to work in partnership to work towards improved well-being across the Vale. 


Key Strategies and Policies:

Cardiff and Vale Area Plan for Care and Support Needs

Cardiff and Vale Population Needs Assessment

RPB Annual Reports 


Safer Vale Partnership

The Safer Vale partnership is the Vale of Glamorgan's community safety partnership, it includes a mix of voluntary and community groups and statutory organisations supported by funding from the Office of the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner and the Welsh Government to address local crime and disorder reduction projects. 


Key Strategies and Policies:

Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy 2018-2023


Working in Partnership with Older People 

Work to improve the well-being of older people in the Vale of Glamorgan is embedded in the PSB’s Well-being Plan. Through embedding the needs of older people in the Vale in the Well-being Plan, the PSB is contributing to the delivery of the Welsh Government’s Strategy for Older People. To ensure we understand the diversity of issues that affect older people in the Vale, the PSB also works with the Vale 50+ Strategy Forum, a group for older people in the Vale. 




For more information about the Public Services Board please contact the Strategy and Partnership team.