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It is vital that we consult with our local residents, businesses and visitors to help us deliver the best possible services and provide value for money.


There are a great number of factors that influence decisions in local government and we want to ensure that the views of our residents are one of these. Although it would not be practical to consult our residents about every single thing we do, when it comes to the bigger picture, we will ask for input to help us make those decisions that affect us all.  


Public Engagement Framework

The Framework outlines how we will improve our engagement and offers guidance to staff embarking on engagement projects.


Public Engagement Framework

School Consultations

Consultations for education and schools across the Vale of Glamorgan


School Consultations

Public Opinion Survey

A bi-annual survey of around 1,000 Vale residents which measures how they rate the services that we provide.  

Public Opinion Survey  

Current Consultations

Our current consultations section includes the work of the Council as well as other public organisations that operate in the Vale.


Integrated Sustainability Appraisal Draft Scoping Report Consultation

The Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) is being completed in order to consider and communicate the likely effects of the emerging Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP), and suggest alternatives. It focuses on key sustainability issues and fulfils a number of legislative requirements. Preparation of the Draft ISA Scoping Report is the first stage of the ISA process.

ISA Consultation



Draft Recycling and Waste Strategy 2022-2032

Recycling and Waste Management is an essential service provided by the Council. It affects all of our residents, as well as local businesses and visitors to the county. This strategy will contribute to all of the organisation's objectives and the seven national well-being goals.

Draft Recycling and Waste Strategy


Your Penarth Esplanade - A thriving seafront for all

More than £500,000 has been invested in Penarth Pier Pavilion and the Esplanade in the last two years. The Vale of Glamorgan Council is now speaking to local residents, businesses, and community groups about how to further improve Penarth seafront and the surrounding area.


Your Penarth Esplanade


Help us decide our priorities for 2023/24

We're consulting on what we need to focus on for the future. To do this, we need to look at what we achieved and what we could have done differently. You can let us know whether you agree with our progress, commitments and objectives by completing our short survey.


Our Priorities for 2023/24 consultation


School and College Transport Policy

The Vale of Glamorgan Council aim to provide a reliable system of transportation to carry School and College students safely, punctually and in comfort. The Council are now consulting on an amended School and College Transport policy.


School and College Transport Policy 2022 consultation


Review of statues, monuments, street and building names and suggestions for future recognition and commemoration.

The Council is proactively reviewing all statues and commemorations in the Vale of Glamorgan. This work will ensure statues and commemorations on public land, as well as the names of streets and buildings are representative of local people’s values and those of a modern, inclusive Council. If you have seen a commemoration that you think should be reviewed to ensure it is appropriate, please complete our online form. Please ensure you include the location and reason for review.


Recognition and Commemoration


New Housing Development - Requirements for School Places

There are a number of new housing developments in the Vale. We are asking residents who are moving to new housing developments to let us know their requirements for school places. Please read the letter below and respond to the online survey.



Consultation newsletter

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Previous Consultations 

Draft Public Participation Strategy (PPS)

The draft Public Participation Strategy details the actions that will be undertaken by the Council to encourage and facilitate all stakeholders to take part in the decision-making process. The draft PPS outlines the Council’s current position, as well as our short and long-term goals and how these will contribute to delivering our wellbeing objectives. This consultation is now closed.


Vale Public Services Board - Wellbeing Assessment

The Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board (PSB) are consulting on its Well-being Assessment. The Well-being Assessment is made-up of a suite of reports which bring together the many different factors which impact well-being. A View of the Vale of Glamorgan – An assessment of Current and Future Well-being brings together the findings of the assessment and provides the links to the four themed reports which provide a detailed analysis of data and evidence. This consultation is now closed.


Extended - Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP)

The Council is currently consulting on the draft Review Report and draft Delivery Agreement. The draft Review Report considers the effectiveness of the adopted LDP and confirms the revision procedure to be followed in preparing the RLDP. The draft Delivery Agreement contains a Community Involvement Scheme and timetable for preparing and adopting the RLDP. This consultation is now closed.


Have Your Say on Gypsy, Traveller and Showpeople Sites

Do you or your family need a pitch or yard in the Vale of Glamorgan? Opinion Research Services are working on behalf of Vale of Glamorgan Council to speak to Gypsy and Traveller families in the area. We need to find out how many pitches or sites are needed. This consultation is now closed.


Active Travel Network Maps

The Active Travel Network Map Consultation will be undertaken in three stages, starting in December 2020 and running until December 2021. We want to provide the Vale of Glamorgan with a network that allows for walking and cycling to become the most natural and normal way of getting about for local journeys. This consultation is now closed.


Budget Consultation 2022/23

The Council has some difficult decisions to make for next year's budget as cost pressures increase. We are consulting with residents on where they'd like to see funding spent or reduced, and how we could meet the shortfall. This consultation is now closed.


Draft Annual Delivery Plan

The draft Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) details the actions that will be undertaken in 2022-23 to improve local well-being and deliver the Council’s four Well-being Objectives. We want to know whether we've got our priorities right. This consultation is now closed.


Draft Five-year Promotion Strategy

The Council is required to produce and publish a five-year strategy setting out how we intend to promote the Welsh language and to facilitate the use of Welsh more widely in the Vale of Glamorgan.The aim of this consultation is to capture feedback from citizens and key stakeholders on the contents of the draft strategy and to feed into the process of developing an action plan to deliver on the aims of the strategy over the next five years. This consultation is now closed.


Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) 2022-32

Consultation on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s draft Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) 2022-32. This consultation is now closed.


Barry Docks Transport Interchange

The Vale of Glamorgan Council and its local partners are seeking your views on possible changes in the vicinity of Barry Docks Railway Station. This consultation will close on 7 December, 2021.


School Consultations - Penarth Nursery Provision

Consultation on the proposals to reconfigure nursery provision in Penarth from September 2022. This consultation closed on 5 November, 2021. 


Let's Talk

The Vale Public Services Board (PSB) is undertaking a range of engagement activities over the next few months to inform a Well-being Assessment which will be published in May 2022. The initial survey, which was desinged to capture a range of information about residents' experiences of life in the Vale of Glamorgan closed on 19 September. The results will now be analysed, alongside other sources of data to produce a draft wellbeing assessment. 


Windmill Lane Play Area - Proposed Upgrade

The Council has received S106 Public Open Space monies in Llantwit Major, which has been allocated to upgrade Windmill Lane play area. An online survey was used to capture the views of local residents. Responses to the survey will now be reviewed and a contractor will be appointed to design a new play area. 


Project Zero 

Project Zero is the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s response to the climate change emergency.  Project Zero brings together the wide range of work and opportunities available to tackle the climate emergency, reduce the Council’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2030 and encourage others to make positive changes.


The Future of Penarth Pier Pavilion

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is committed to securing the future of Penarth Pier Pavilion as a community facility. As we enter this new chapter in this building's history, we are excited to explore new opportunities and facilities for every member of the local community, ensuring the sustainability for current and future generations. This survey closed on 21 April. The comments will now be analysed and future options considered. 


Land Required for Gypsy and Traveller Sites 

Invitation to Submit Candidate Sites. This consultation ran from Monday 17 February - Monday 30 March 2020. A report will be presented to the Council's Cabinet in due course. 


Car Parking Charges

Following a public consultation in 2018 on a draft parking strategy for the Vale of Glamorgan, the Council revised it's proposals for introducing charges to some car parks in the Vale. These proposals were presented to the Council's Cabinet in February 2020. 


Cabinet Report - Car Parking Charges 


Legal Notices have now been published on the proposed charges for Country Parks and Town Centre car parks.  


Restoring the shelter on Cliff Hill, Penarth

An exciting opportunity has arisen to restore the iconic and timber framed shelter on Cliff Hill, Penarth, which has fallen into a state of disrepair. The shelter, that is no longer used as a bus shelter, is a valued seating area along the Penarth coastline.

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