Council CrestCouncil Constitution

The Vale of Glamorgan Council Constitution provides an important means of enabling councillors, officers, citizens and stakeholders to understand how the council makes decisions and who is responsible for those decisions.


Section 37 of the Act requires each local authority to prepare, keep up to date and publicise the Constitution.



SECTION 1 Introduction
SECTION 2  Purpose, Definition, Interpretation and Amendment of the Constitution
SECTION 3  Getting Information and Getting Involved
SECTION 4  Full Council
SECTION 5  The Executive (“Cabinet”)
SECTION 6  The Leader
SECTION 7  Overview and Scrutiny Committees
SECTION 8  The Standards Committee
SECTION 9  Regulatory Committees
SECTION 10  Joint Committees
SECTION 11  Officers
SECTION 12  Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
SECTION 13  Responsibility for Functions – Summary
SECTION 14  Access to Information Procedure Rules
SECTION 15  Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
SECTION 16  Financial Procedure Rules
SECTION 17  Contracts Procedure Rules
SECTION 18  Code of Conduct for Members
SECTION 19  Guides to Public Speaking at Committees
SECTION 20  Code of Conduct for Qualifying Employees of the Council
SECTION 21  Protocol on Member / Officer Relations
SECTION 22  Code of Corporate Governance
SECTION 23  Confidential Reporting (“Whistleblowing Policy”) Code
SECTION 24  Member Role Descriptions
SECTION 25  Officer Delegations
SECTION 26  Members’ Allowances Scheme