Plans to develop a new play area in Penarth

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is consulting with residents over plans for a £94,000 upgrade of St.David’s park in Penarth.


  • Thursday, 25 November 2021

    Vale of Glamorgan

St. David ParkSt. David Crescent park, also known as Owain Crescent park, Penarth will undergo an upgrade next year with money invested by the Council. The project will involve removing existing play equipment and surfacing and replacing it with new.


The Council is asking residents for their views on plans for the new play area. Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions as to what new equipment they would like to see at the park and ideas for a new and exciting theme, whether it be nature, sea life or space.


Other considerations for the park include a new entrance design with self-closing gates and tree-planting to improve the biodiversity of the area.


This redevelopment is part of a widespread programme to improve play areas across the Vale.


Residents can submit their suggestions by visiting the website.

Cllr Kathryn McCaffer, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, Arts and Culture, said: “It is important to us that we consider the views of local residents when developing communal spaces.


“The proposed work at St. David’s crescent park is part of a wider scheme to regenerate play areas across the Vale.


“I hope that the new and improved play area will provide the community with a pleasant and interactive recreational space.”