Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020 

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2017-2020 should be considered within the context of the Welsh Government’s wider strategy for the Welsh language.


The Welsh Government’s vision is to see one million Welsh speakers by 2050. To achieve that, Welsh Government believes that several things need to happen:

  • more children in Welsh-medium education 

  • better planning in relation to how people learn the language

  • more easy-to-access opportunities for people to use the language

  • a stronger infrastructure and a revolution to improve digital provision in Welsh

  • see change in the way we speak about it


According to the most recent Census in 2011 there were 562,000 Welsh speakers in Wales. On that basis, the aim of Welsh Government’s strategy will be to almost double the number of Welsh speakers by the middle of the century. 


In order for that to happen, Welsh Government’s strategy for the Welsh language prioritises 6 key areas for action:

  • Language planning policy

  • Normalisation

  • Education 

  • People

  • Support

  • Rights


Welsh Government recognise that the education system is the main way for ensuring that children are able to develop their Welsh skills, and for creating new speakers.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (WESP) for 2017-2020 presents a vision statement and strategic direction for the planning and delivery of Welsh-medium and Welsh-language education in the authority.


The plan focuses on 7 key outcomes:

  • more seven-year-old children being taught through the medium of Welsh as a percentage of the Year 2 cohort;

  • more learners continuing to improve their language skills on transfer from primary school to secondary school;

  • more learners studying for qualifications through the medium of Welsh;

  • more learners aged 16-19 studying Welsh and subjects through the medium of Welsh; and

  • more learners with improved skills in Welsh

  • Welsh-medium provision for learners with Additional Learning Needs

  • workforce planning and continuous professional development




If you have any queries regarding the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s WESP, contact Jeremy Morgan

  • 01446 709108
  • jmorgan@valeofglamorgan.gov.uk