Penarth/Cardiff Barrage Sustainable Transport Corridor Study

The Council has commissioned consultant’s Capita to undertake a WelTAG (Welsh Transport Planning and Appraisal Guidance) Stage One and Two study to develop and appraise potential options for improving sustainable transport within and between Penarth and Cardiff barrage.

Cardiff Bay Barrage

The study will seek to explore a range of opportunities within the study area, specifically focussing on the potential to:

  • Increase the use of public transport
  • Encourage modal shift away from use of the private cars  
  • Reduce road traffic congestion and support increased economic activity
  • Increase both accessibility and connectivity
  • Increase levels of active travel in support of associated health benefits
  • Create infrastructure which supports tourism investment



The WelTAG Stage Two appraisal has now been completed; please see the links below for further information.

Following completion of the WelTAG Stage Two appraisal, the following options have been approved by the Council’s Cabinet to be progressed to WelTAG Stage Three appraisal:

•           OPTION 1A:  Penarth Active Travel Network improvements

•           OPTION 1B: Penarth Headland Link

•           OPTION 3: Cogan Multi-Modal Sustainable Transport Interchange