Gully Cleaning

Maintain highway road gullies on primary routes and non-primary routes


Please note: If vehicles are parked over a gully it is not possible for it to be cleaned. We do not attend to gullies with sewerage odours.


Non-primary Route Gullies:

Cleaned every 9 months

Primary Route Gullies:

Cleaned annually after the autumn leaf fall.


Gully Waste Recycling

Gully Waste Recycling Centre

In May 2007 in conjunction with specialists from Edinburgh University, we designed and constructed a wetland reed bed recycling facility for gully effluent.


The reed bed wetland facility allows partnering councils to recycle gully waste at a reduced cost.


The site treats approximately 1,200 tonnes of road gully risings a year as a sludge type material. The project was also funded by Bridgend County Borough Council and Cardiff Council.


The facility is viewed by the three authorities as the sustainable solution to the problem of gully recycling.


Report a Blocked, Damaged or Broken Gully

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