Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Items which are not suitable for kerbside collection may be recyclable at one of our recycling centres


Recycling Centres Closed

Barry and Llandow Recycling Centres are now closed until further notice. 


Our Recycling Centres are only licensed to accept household waste, they are not legally permitted to accept material from businesses. Any resident suspected of disposing of trade waste will not be allowed to enter the site.


Please note: Walking in of waste is prohibited for safety and control purposes. Both sites are open everyday except Christmas, Boxing and New Years day.


When visiting the HWRCs you will need to:

  • Sort recyclable from non-recyclable materials at home so that when you visit the HWRCs you can place items in the correct skip. This will make your visit quicker and easier.

  • Open bags that you bring to the HWRCs to show our team that theydo not contain recycling. If they do, you will need to sort them on site or return home to do this.

  • Bring proof that you live in the Vale of Glamorgan, for example,your driving licence or utility bill. 


Only non-recyclable items will be allowed in the household waste skip.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the bag splitting change that you are introducing at HWRCs?

    We are asking residents to sort their recyclable materials from their non-recyclable materials before they visit one of our HWRCs. This will mean that when they arrive at site they can easily put material in the correct skip.


    We will also be providing a dedicated area at the HWRCs where residents can sort any bagged waste that they do bring to site, in order to ensure all recyclables are removed before putting this into the household waste skip. 
  • Why are you introducing bag splitting at the HWRCs? 

    A great deal of bagged waste is thrown in the household waste skip at our household waste recycling centres, when it could be recycled.  


    We need to increase the amount that we recycle in the Vale of Glamorgan.  We currently recycle 64% of our waste, which is really good, but we need to recycle 70% by 2024/25 to meet the Welsh Government’s mandatory targets.  If these targets are not achieved the Council may be fined.


    While the targets give us a focus and something to work towards, the change is not just about targets, it is about us as a County becoming recycling focused. 
  • What will happen if I bring bagged waste to the HRWC? 

    We know that some residents bring recycling to the HWRCs in bags for convenience and then sort this into the, relevant recycling skips.  You will still be able to do this. However, once you reach the household waste skip, if you have a bag(s) that you intend to throw in this skip, you will be asked by our team to open the bag so they can see if it contains recycling.


    If it does, you will be asked to use the sorting area at the centre to take out any recyclables and place them in the recycling bins provided.  

  • What if I don’t want to sort my bags on site? 
    You will be asked to take bags home to sort them. You will not be allowed to simply throw bagged waste into the household waste skip. 
  • What if I am not sure if I can recycle an item at the site or not? 
    There will always be a member of our team at or near the sorting area, they will able to assist you with any queries. 
  • Will I have to queue to sort bags on site? 
    It may be that if a large number of residents bring bagged waste to site, you will need to queue to use the sorting facilities.  This is why we would encourage you to sort your recyclables from your non-recyclables at home, this will make your site visit quicker and easier. 
  • Will there be assistance on site for elderly residents, or those unable to sort their own bags? 
    If you feel you are physically unable to sort any bags that you bring to site, please approach one of our site team, and they will assist you in any way they can. 
  • Will this lead to bags just being dumped at or outside the HWRCs? 

    We have an enforcement team who work full time following up incidents of dog fouling, littering and fly tipping.  If bags are dumped on the sites (not in household waste skips) or outside the sites, this is fly tipping, which is illegal.

    If incidences of this occur, our enforcement team will investigate and any person found to have fly tipped will be subject to enforcement action.


    We are proud of our environment in the Vale and we will take any action needed to maintain it. 
  • Why are you asking for proof that I am a resident of the Vale of Glamorgan when I visit the site? 
    Our HWRCs are for the use of Vale of Glamorgan residents only.  Asking for proof of residency just helps us to make sure the sites are not mis-used. 






Car batteries

Cooking Oil
Flurescent Tubes
Fridges and freezers
Garden waste
Hard plastics
Household plastic packaging
Mixed Glass
Scrap Metal
Small appliances
Tvs and monitors


Please Note: Rubble and DIY skips at the sites are located at ground level on the flat, requiring a fairly high lift to get material into the skip. Members of the public are advised to approach a member of staff for lifting assistance for heavy loads


Barry Recycling Centre

Atlantic Trading Estate, Barry, CF63 3RF


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Opening Hours

Summer: 8.00am - 6.00pm

Winter: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Llandow Recycling Centre

Llandow Industrial Estate, Gluepot Road, CF71 7PB


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Opening Hours

Summer: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Winter: 10.00am - 4.00pm


Please note: Summer and Winter periods are denoted by the clock changes, either forward or backward.


Apply for Permit

You will need a permit for the following vehicles:

  • Cars with single axle trailers under 750kg gross weight
  • Car derived vans
  • Panel vans under 3,200kg GVW (short wheeled based vans)
  • Mini Buses
  • Pick ups
  • Car derived pick ups and double cabs  

Permits are limited to one per applicant per month and are non refundable.


Cost: £15.00 (Single use permit)


To apply for a permit please call C1V:

  • 01446 700111

Please Note: The following vehicles are not accepted at either recycling centres -  lorries with a GVW exceeding 3.5 tonne, triple axle vehicles, twin axle trailers, horse boxes (either single or double axle), vehicles with a tail lift (except those cars, 4X4 cars, people carriers or caravanettes adapted with tail lifts for use by disabled residents), vehicles with a tipping body, large box vans (Luton type), long wheeled based vans or high top vans.

It is no longer permitted to place gypsum and plasterboard in general skips/mixed refuse containers at our civic amenity sites.

Small quantities of gypsum such as plasterboard, plaster and other gypsum products produced from home DIY may be accepted at Atlantic Trading Estate and Llandow if it is separated at home, brought to the attention of staff on arrival and placed in a special separate container for gypsum products only.


Failure to inform the crew on site you have gypsum waste may lead to residents being asked to reload their vehicle and remove the material from the facility.