Commercial Waste

Your business could save up to 50% of future waste bills, just by recycling with the Vale of Glamorgan Council


We offer a mixed (co-mingled) recycling service and can also provide you with a recycling collection for both your garden/green waste and food waste. As part of our service, we are able to provide you with a range of containers to help store your waste between collections, from refuse and recycling sacks to 1100 litre wheeled bin.


Our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you choose a service suitable for your needs; we will guide you with the necessary paperwork, so you comply with the law and leave you free with the task of running your business. Arrange a visit to discuss your needs.


As a business, you are legally required to arrange for the disposal of your waste through an authorised waste management organisation. Your duty of care lasts from the moment the waste is produced to when it is received by a business that is authorised to dispose of it, consider:


  1. Alternatives to disposal, for example by recycling

  2. Storing your waste safely and securely at all times, except for collection day(s). This can be by ensuring lids are kept shut and locked or that bins are kept in a secure locked compound (fenced and gated). If there is no lock on the bin, we would advise you to secure the bin by other means.

  3. Filling in a waste transfer note for each load of waste you transport and keep it for 2 years or ensure you have an annual waste 'duty of care' provided by your service provider;  if you routinely have the same type of waste collected. A waste duty of care is a legal requirement.

  4. Checking that any business you use to deal with your waste is licensed

  5. Keeping proof of this.

  6. Finding out more at


Request a commercial waste application pack


Please note that commercial waste cannot be taken to our Recycling Centres as these sites are only licensed to accept household waste.


Business Recycling

We offer a competitively priced recycling service for:

  • Paper

  • Glass

  • Metal cans

  • Plastic

  • Cardboard

  • Drained Aerosols

  • Cartons such as Tetra Pak

  • Foil not contaminated with food/drink or chemicals

  • Food waste

  • Garden waste


ItemAmountCost (VAT exempt)**

Clear Recycling Bags

Bundle of 25


Clear Recycling Bags

Box of 250


Please note: Cheques are no longer a valid method of payment in the Civic Offices. 


Residual Waste

Residual waste is waste that cannot be recycled. Please think before using this service and consider recycling.


 Blue Commercial Waste Bags Price (VAT exempt)**

 Per bundle - 25 sacks


 Per box - 250 sacks




* Note that Barry Island may have weekday daily collections during the summer season.

** Prices valid until 31 March 2020