Barry Island Beach Huts 

Barry Island has vibrantly coloured beach huts with excellent views across Whitmore Bay


Two blocks of twelve huts sit either side of the visually stunning climbing wall and take centre stage on the rejuvenated eastern promenade.


Both are designed to provide families and groups visiting Barry Island with a comfortable base for the day as well as a private area to change and store their possessions.


  • Small Huts: 2.5m x 1.8m feature electricity sockets.

  • Large Huts: 2.4m x 2.5m, feature electricity sockets and have access to running water.


Hire a Beach Hut

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm

There is no refund policy when a booking has been made. However, we can amend your booking date subject to availability.



Beach Hut spring/summer opening hours run from April to October. However specific dates and charges may vary from year to year.

  • Small Huts: Full Day £19.00 / Half Day £11.50 (2.00pm to 8.00pm)

  • Large Huts: Full Day £32.50 / Half Day £16.50 (2.00pm to 8.00pm)


Beach Hut autumn/winter opening hours run from November to March. However specific dates and charges may vary from year to year.

  • Small Huts: £6.25

  • Large Huts: £11.50


To book a beach hut, please call:

  • 01446 700111


Book a beach hut


Extended hours may apply during events.


  • Operating Arrangements for Public/Domestic use only

    Bookings can be made online above.


    Advance bookings via C1V (01446 700111).


    On site bookings can be made on the day subject to availability on site.


    Full payment must be made at the time of booking.


    No refunds are available.At the time of the booking – customers will need to complete a short form to provide their name, address and at this point are advised with regard to their responsibilities. They will be asked to confirm acceptance of this protocol.No discounts or concessions are available.


    The huts are not for rent by charities, organisations, traders, schools etc.. Unless it’s a pre-planned commercial week.Key collections from 10.00 hours on site and returns at closing time on site.


    The mobile number of the Resort Supervisor will be provided for early returns.Pre-planned bookings can be accepted up until 3pm the previous day.Same day bookings are acceptable but the daily fee will apply and are subject to availability.


  • Commercial Use

    • Small Huts: No commercial use.
    • Large Huts: To be rented by the day and a maximum booking of one week in any given month.  


    Commercial use (by community organisations, schools, traders for crafts/arts, sales of t-shirts or resort related themes etc.) will be permitted at certain times of the year and will be advertised in advance by the Council alongside mechanisms for booking.


    Use for traders, for the sales of food and drink will not be accepted unless with prior event approval, such as Christmas Markets etc… 

  • Annual Hire  

    *2020  Applications Closed*


    There are six large and six small huts available for annual hire. Each year, the Council invites people to register their interest to purchase an annual hire. 


    Due to high demand those who currently hire an annual beach hut are unable to apply for one the following year.


    Please note: We are unable to accept requests for commercial use.