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Art Central gallery is located in the heart of the county. The exhibition space is a magnificent place to exhibit, visit and appreciate art.


It is a light, flexible and welcoming space. Art Central’s programme includes a varied selection of art by artists, community groups, arts organisations and touring exhibitions. FREE admission 






Saturday 2nd July to Saturday 13th August.


Exhibition Opening Saturday 2 July 2022 1:30pm - 3:30pm – All Welcome!

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Womanslaughter, is an exhibition by artist dinahvagina, who lives and works in Wales. The exhibition addresses and explores the many issues and prejudices experienced by women of all ages, everywhere. Novelist, Margaret Atwood tells us that what men fear most from women is that “They will laugh at them” and what women fear most from men, is “They will kill them”. Through art and in life, this exhibition looks at where this idea leaves women.


For over a decade dinahvagina’s artwork has focussed on how women are treated, her work has taken her along many routes exploring data, researching articles and other resources aiming to highlight domestic and other relationship issues facing women. Known for her uneasy & controversial subject matter, dinah does not shy away from ethical and moral issues. Having spent a decade documenting the toll male violence takes from women, dinah faces the violent climate that women live in and braces herself against it with her outspoken activism, awareness raising and her challenging of norms. The outcome of her findings is expressed through tactile and interactive artworks, where a subtle sense of humour combines with a stark reality, offering unpredictable and mixed responses from the viewer.   


Women carry many burdens, the artist explores the way women are perceived and importantly, how women see themselves, aiming to change the way women have historically and continue to be viewed and treated.  Reflecting on individual cases and stories, the work interprets many issues including domestic violence, prejudice, contempt, and ultimately lives lost. 


Through interpreting women’s lives, the artist realises and says, “I am a reporter of ‘what has been’ raising awareness of situations and circumstances in which women find themselves rather than visualising how it could be…. I hope, through my work, by highlighting what has happened to women and girls of all ages, will help create change for the female sex in future,”. 


Art Central is proud to unveil a comprehensive selection of work including a large body of new pieces that add to dinah’s vital collection, work that demands and deserves your attention.


For more information about the artist dinahvagina’s work visit the Instagram page


womenslaughter - artist talk with Art Central Friends

Saturday 9th July 1:00pm – 3:00pm (Refreshments at 1:00pm)


Hosted by Art Central Friends, Dr Jane Salisbury will introduce the womnenslaughter talk featuring artist dinahvagina in conversation with the Emeritus Professor Gerda Roper, talking about her work, background, research, and influences.  During the afternoon, Professor Jackie Jones will discuss issues in relation to domestic violence, women and the law whilst, Feminist Poet Mary Kay will recite a poem which touches on the themes in the exhibition. There will be a question and answer opportunity, before the event will be closed by Dennis Clarke Chair of Art Central Friends. 


Bliss #2 The Joy of Reading

9.30 to 4.30 on 29 July 2022


When was the last time someone read to you? artist dinahvagina loves to read and will be at Art Central all day reading to herself, reading to you, you can read to her, or you can just sit together and read. Drop in anytime, she will have books for all ages, books that she has loved and books she read to her children.


Stopped by a family member, dinah was unable to read at home and was subject to coercive control, between the years 1980 and 1997, a lifechanging experience. In December 2015, coercion and controlling behaviour was made a criminal offence in the UK, with a possible prison sentence of up to 5 years, a fine or both. This has not stopped this behaviour but has duly recognised it as unlawful.


BLISS#2 The Joy of Reading allows us to join the artist, stop, read and reap the numerous benefits. Reading, exercises the brain, improves literacy and concentration enabling us to focus and communicate, it improves our sleep, reduces stress, and stimulates our imaginations, creativity and thinking.  Come and join dinah and read together.


Make a wish? (Tell No One)

9.30 to 3.30 on 6th August 2022


Come along and make a WISH! As ‘Wish Administrator’, artist dinahvagina will assist in processing your wish. No wish too small or too great. Tell no one, just come to Art Central and your wish will be processed.

Cardiff and Vale College End of Year Art Show 2022 

Onwards - Cardiff and Vale College End of Year Art and Design Exhibition 2022

Monday 6 June to Saturday 25 June 2022


Onwards is an exciting student led end of year exhibition which showcases the work of the Creative Department at Cardiff and Vale College. The theme of the exhibition shows how the students have moved forward with their creativity in times which have been exceptional for everyone.


This exhibition is the culmination of these young artists’ course work completed before they head off on their creative journey of further study and career development.


Art Central Gallery has provided a fantastic opportunity for the students to present this collection of innovative and original work. The artworks are richly varied, in design and materials used.



Onwards Exhibition Opening Event Poster

This exhibition is a unique chance for our young artists to present their work for the first time publicly to a wide audience.


The work displayed is taken from the range of courses available at the college from Levels one, two and three in Art and Design, Foundation Diploma and Higher Education Degree Courses. Each course encourages different approaches including painting, glass, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and graphic design and more, as visible in the artwork on show.


We do hope you will visit the gallery and support these young artists from Cardiff and Vale College.


The exhibition is open from Monday 6 June to Saturday 25 June 2022 from 9:30am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 9:30am - 3:30pm on Saturdays.


There is an opening event for this exhibition on Wednesday 8 June 2022 from 6pm - 8pm.




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