CoLabora - Coworking Spaces in Rural Areas

Creative Rural Communities are part of a transnational project with partners from across Europe to explore the economic benefits of creating coworking spaces in rural areas and  to gain a greater understanding of best practice in terms of both setting up and running coworking spaces.


The project will involve working with 7 partners from 6 countries across Europe to deliver the following objectives:

 - to formalise a methodology for setting-up and developing coworking spaces in the rural areas in order to reinforce the skills of the coworkers community builders.

 - with exchange of experience and joint activities, to help each partner, whatever his state of progress, to go further in the development of his co-working place (awareness, conception/design, installation and development).

CoLabora Gueret 1

4 common objectives:

  1. Exchange and develop good practices in coworking spaces

  2. Formalise the process for the creation and development of a co-working space and for the building of a community of coworkers

  3. Show the benefits of co-working in rural areas

  4. Stimulate networking between coworkers, between coworkng spaces and between coworkers from different rural areas.

CoLabora Gueret 2

The project will involve learning from the partners across Europe and working together to produce a Toolkit setting out:

 - Best practice examples of rural coworking space 

 - Setting out the benefits of coworking in rural areas

 - Guidance for setting up a coworking space in rural areas

 - Setting out the process for setting up a coworking space and developing a coworking community