The Future of Council Services 

An explanation of the Council’s current financial position and a chance to have your say on how services are delivered in future.


This consultation ran from Monday 30 September - Monday 11 November 2019.


Report to Cabinet on the results of the consultation


Current Budget

With £55million saved since 2010 next year's target (2020-21) is approximately £6million. This figure will depend on the amount of funding the Council receives from Welsh Government and the level at which Council tax is set. The next three years are forecast to require further savings of around £16million. This means nearly a quarter of the Council’s budget will have been eroded in a decade, which doesn’t include the amount of increased expenditure demands placed on our services. 

In order to meet the required savings for the next three years the Council has difficult decisions to make and is asking for residents input on the following options. 

Keep Council tax below the Welsh average (forecast to be £26.42 per week for Band D properties) and reduce services. 



Increase Council tax to the Welsh average (£28.90 per week based on forecast) and protect some services. 



Increase Council tax above the Welsh average (£29.05) and protect all services. 




How have we achieved savings to date?

Since 2010 we have reduced our overall budget by £55million. We've used a range of methods to do this. We've used different approaches for different service areas. We have tried our best to protect services that are valued by our residents. Some examples are listed below.

  • Shared Services
    SRS Wales logoWe've teamed up with Bridgend County Borough Council and Cardiff Council to develop Shared Regulatory Services. This department within the Vale of Glamorgan Council delivers the same services across the three areas with fewer staff and fewer managers. 
  • Delivering Services in Partnership 
    56 Partnership IconWe run a joint Health and Social Care contact centre from our contact centre, C1V. This is a 24hour a day helpline for adult social services and an NHS direct advice line.  
  • Reshaping Services Internally 
    91 Sweeping IconWe have changed the way in which we deliver our 'visible services', such as waste management and street cleaning moving to a 'neighbhourhood services' model. This has saved £1million.  
  • Commissioned Services 
    113 Swimmer IconLegacy Leisure have been running the Council's leisure centres since 2009. Whilst the Council maintains responsibility for the buildings and maintenance, Legacy run these centres day to day.  
  • Community Empowerment  
    19 Greenlink IconWe transferred 5 libraries to be run by volunteers in the community. This has meant these facilities have remained open and are now used as community hubs with classes and other services being offered there. We also rely on volunteers to help operate the Greenlinks bus service in the rural Vale.  
  • Collaboration 
    10 Family IconAdoption services are now delivered on a regional basis for Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council, The City of Cardiff Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council and are one of five regional collaborations which form part of the National Adoption Service in Wales.