Minutes of a meeting held on 12th April, 2016.


Present:  Councillor Mrs. A. Moore (Chairman): Councillor P.G. King (Vice-Chairman); Councillors A.G. Bennett, G.A. Cox, A.G. Powell and G. Roberts.


Also present: Councillors N.P. Hodges and Dr. I.J. Johnson.





Prior to commencing with the meeting, the Chairman paid tribute to Councillor Philip Clarke, who had been a Member of this Scrutiny Committee, and Members stood for a minute’s silence in remembrance of Councillor Clarke.



977     APOLOGIES –


These were received from Councillors Mrs. P. Drake, Mrs. M. Kelly Owen and S.T. Wiliam.



978     MINUTES – 


RECOMMENDED – T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 8th March, 2016 be approved as a correct record.





No declarations were received.





The report provided the Committee with an update on progress with regard to the engagement of third party operators in relation to commercial opportunities at countryside sites.  The Operational Manager for Regeneration, in presenting the report, advised that the Countryside Service had undergone significant change in recent years, especially the operation of the three major sites, Cosmeston Lakes and park, Porthkerry Country Park and the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Project.  The emphasis had been on efficiency of operations and income raising with prices for commercial activities having been reviewed, especially filming, which had led to significant increases in income.  A major restructure had also taken place, facilitating integrated working across sites.  The restructure had led to substantial savings in excess of savings targets which had released funding to allow the creation of a new Commercial Opportunities Officer post on a two year contract.  The post was designed to facilitate partnerships with the private / third sectors to simultaneously improve the offer to tourists and residents whilst realising significant income for the Council.  The income would sustain the operation of and improvements to the sites as funding for public services reduced.  The Operational Manager further advised that it would also help create local employment in tourism and leisure with further changes in respect of volunteer activity being currently underway. 


The report had been submitted to Cabinet on 11th January, 2016 (Minute No. C3043 refers) to seek authority to invite tenders from potential commercial partners in order to create new tourism and commercial opportunities at Porthkerry Park, Cosmeston Lakes Country Park and the Medieval Village.


The officer could advise that a formal tendering process had recently taken place seeking costed proposals for activities on Council land, which would need to conform to strict requirements in respect of the sensitive nature of the sites.  Assessments were to be undertaken during the week commencing 18th April, 2016. The officer had been pleased with the number of responses that had been received as it showed clear interest, including for use of the surplus space within the existing visitor centre at Cosmeston lakes Country Park, which would be subject to planning consent, if deemed appropriate and beneficial to users of the Country Park.  Any new activity would enhance what was currently offered at the sites, increase footfall and tourism opportunities leading to a significant increase in income, which would contribute to future savings targets. 


Research carried out by the Commercial Opportunities Officer had highlighted a demand for unusual wedding venues within the Vale of Glamorgan and to accommodate any future commercial opportunity it was noted, that the appropriate license may be sought to enable wedding ceremonies to take place at both Cosmeston and Porthkerry Country Parks.


In order to facilitate such activities, including one-off activities and events, the Head of Regeneration and Planning had been given delegated powers, in consultation with the Managing Director and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, to agree fees / charges, accept tenders where appropriate, and enter into appropriate agreements, terms and conditions for new commercial activities at the Country Parks and the Medieval Village. 


Following a query as to whether the sites could accommodate touring caravans, the Operational Manager stated that the option had been considered but that for a number of reasons this was not being progressed as a current priority.  Reference had also been made to the possibility of attracting the Center Parcs organisation, with Members being informed that the Council’s Parks did not have the capacity for such facilities. However, it was accepted that some of the activities that take place at Center Parcs could be catered for but the overall nature of the organisation would require significant capacity that the Parks did not have. 


The Cabinet Member for Regeneration, with permission to speak, stated that the Council needed to consider commercial activity in order to derive income and further promote tourism.  She took the opportunity to advise Members that the staff at all the sites had been very proactive in their approach, flexible working patterns had been established and the staff were actually driving the change forward.  The Wardens were also placing information on media sites which was proving successful, in relation to the number of hits on the sites which were on the increase.  This was also seen as an excellent opportunity for advertising the area and promoting tourism in the Vale.  An active volunteer group also existed in Cosmeston which was being encouraged further.  Councillor N. Hodges, also present at the meeting was granted permission to speak, and stated that he valued and welcomed all suggestions contained within the report but queried whether other specific groups could be encouraged to participate. In response the Operational Manager referred to the fact that the establishment of a friends group had been explored over the years, as it was an appropriate vehicle that could obtain grant funding in various ways which the Council was unable to access, but it had never materialised.


The Chairman, in drawing the debate to a conclusion, advised that she had welcomed the report and the progress being made to date and supported the approach in relation to advertising the parks, in particular Porthkerry, with it subsequently being




(1)       T H A T the progress being made to date is supported.


(2)       T H A T the Scrutiny Committee be updated on progress in relation to the tourism and commercial opportunities at Countryside Service Sites, as appropriate.


Reason for recommendations


(1&2)  To keep Members apprised regarding commercial opportunities at countryside sites.





Councillor G. John, Cabinet Member for Visible Services and Leisure, in presenting the report, advised that the report had been agreed at the Cabinet meeting on 11th April, 2016 and referred to the Scrutiny Committee for consideration as outlined in the recommendations within the report.  He did however point out the error that was contained within the report referring to paragraph 4 and that the current concessions would continue until 31st April but should have read 30th April 2016.


The purpose of the report was to consider a new rental policy for the operation and management of the beach huts at Barry Island, with the request that the Committee consider the issues and refer any comments to Cabinet. 


The Scrutiny Committee had considered a report at its meeting on 8th March, 2016 with extensive discussion taking place on the subject. The Committee recommended that Cabinet further explore Options 1, 2 and 3 as outlined within paragraphs 11, 12 and 13 of that report and further recommended that a more flexible approach be afforded to officers in dealing with matters within the Barry Island Beach Huts Rental Policy.  The Committee also agreed that Option 4 – the concession proposal as outlined at paragraph 15 of that report, be not pursued at this time. Together with the minutes of the meeting, the recommendations were subsequently referred to Cabinet for their consideration in order that a further report could be prepared having regard to the suggestions of the Scrutiny Committee contained therein. 


The views of the Scrutiny Committee were subsequently considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 14th March with Cabinet resolving that Option 4 (the concession proposal) be not pursued at this time, that the current concessions continue until 30th April, 2016, with new concessions scheduled to commence on 1st May, 2016 and that a further report be presented to Cabinet on 11th April 2016 to consider the management of the Barry Island beach huts.

The current report which had been approved by Cabinet on 11th April for consideration by the Committee suggested options for the introduction of a new Barry Island Beach Huts Rental Policy, taking into account the learning to date and the views previously expressed by Cabinet and the Scrutiny Committee. 


The Head of Service for Visible Services and Transport, in presenting the report, commenced by advising that in terms of fees, it was being suggested that these could be reduced by 50% to help stimulate demand, with the following charges for daily use being as follows:





Off Peak


Small Hut


Small Hut


Large  Hut


Large Hut



Officers had undertaken research into the costs of beach huts across the UK and daily rates (peak) ranging from £18 - £35 / day and (off peak) £4 - £25 / day had been noted.  However, what was clear was that the charge rate very much related to the demand for huts in a particular location balanced against a value that the majority of visitors to that location are able to pay.  It was suggested therefore that prices be significantly lowered for the 2016/17 and possibly the 2017/18 periods to allow the users of the Council’s huts to find this balance.


It was proposed that up to six of the smaller huts and six of the larger huts be offered for longer term rent on an annual basis.  This it was stated would help to ensure some use of the huts out of season and would also guarantee full year bookings for 12 huts.


The suggested charges for annual bookings were as follows:


            Period 1st April to 31st March

            Large Beach Hut @ £500 (inclusive of VAT)

            Small Beach Hut @ £350 (inclusive of VAT).


For this first year, the annual tickets would commence from 1st June, 2016 and end on 31st March, 2017 (ten months) with pro rata rates as follows:


            Large Beach Hut @ £500 / 12 x 10 = £416

            Small Beach Hut @ £350 / 12 x 10 = £291.


Also, for this first year only, it was suggested that an “annual ticket” could be purchased at any time up until 1st March, 2017.  The rates for the ticket would be calculated on a monthly pro rata basis as indicated above.  From 2017 the annual tickets would go on sale on 1st February, 2017 for existing annual ticket holders before going on general sale from 1st March, 2017 for one month.


It was also suggested that in order to further promote the annual ticket option the user be given one free car parking pass for use at Barry Island for the full year.  The pass would relate to a specific index number of vehicle and would be non transferrable. 


At previous Scrutiny meetings concern had been expressed in relation to the absence of flexibility in the letting arrangements, the ability of schools or other organisations to book huts at a lower or no cost rate and the possible use of the huts for commercial and / or promotional purposes, with it being proposed that for the forthcoming season any unallocated beach huts could be put to use by the Council’s tourism section for tourism and regeneration purposes.  It was considered important that added benefit was obtained from the huts as well as providing the tourism section with the necessary flexibility to accommodate a range of complimentary alternative uses.


It was suggested that the public / domestic policy arrangements be extended to cover bookings by schools on a trial basis for the 2016/17 period.  The new rates were now much more affordable and there was likely to be a demand from schools for use of the huts during term time for educational purposes. This would however need to be kept under review to ensure that any schools’ use did not conflict with the general public / domestic use of the huts which remained their primary purpose. 


Turning to the accessibility of bookings in future, it was proposed that subject to a consideration of the issues by the Scrutiny Committee, delegated authority could be given to the Director of Environment and Housing to appoint a local nearby business to hold the beach hut keys for the daily bookings and to take both cash and card payments.  This could offer a marketing opportunity for the business concerned as their role in the booking process would be widely advertised.  It was expected that there would be businesses interested in providing this service free of charge and it was therefore being further suggested that the choice of a suitable business be a matter for the Director to determine.  The chosen business would however, have no role in managing the beach huts units, they would purely administer the spot booking and “take in” and “give out” keys, checking those who wished to collect keys against the records on the Council’s electronic booking system.


In addition to this method of booking, bookings would be able to be made via Contact One Vale, C1V over the telephone, online via the Council’s website or via an App which was shortly to be launched.  For this season, the availability of beach huts would be shown via the website which would hopefully also encourage a greater number of bookings.


The new Barry Island Beach Huts Rental Policy had therefore been drafted having taken into account the proposed changes and was detailed at Appendix B to the report.  The Head of Service stated that it was clearly important to note that assumptions had had to be made in devising a new policy, and that the policy had been informed by the learning to date and the views expressed by Elected Members.  It was accepted that the Rental Policy was likely to take a number of years before it was fully refined and that in any event such a policy would always have to be kept under review.  It was further intended that users of the huts would be consulted on all aspects of the beach huts offer, including the new policy so that when the policy was reviewed at the end of the 2016/17 summer season, there would be both quantitative and qualitative information available to better inform the management and rental processes.  Appendix A to the report also provided a series of potential usage and financial projections. 


Members expressed their appreciation that their views had been taken on board in drawing up the report and the rental policy. However following discussion of the documents a Member raised concern in relation to potential issues of antisocial behaviour and its enforcement.  The Head of Service, in response, advised that the site had been designated as an alcohol and drug free zone and under the Council’s Reshaping Services programme the question of enforcement in all aspects was to be considered.  The Terms and conditions also stipulated that no bad behaviour would be tolerated under the site rules and procedures. 


The Cabinet Member for Regeneration, with permission to speak, confirmed that the Council had a proven success record of designating alcohol free zones and the Police had been sensible in their approach in enforcement and it was important that the good working relationship with the Police force in relation to this issue continue. The Cabinet Member also took the opportunity to congratulate the officers who had listened to all the comments that had been put forward and advised that a number of issues had been discussed with traders which had included the testing out of ideas. In her view the policy was a good proposal to go forward. 


Members concurred that it was a good report and that the elements that they had discussed had been considered and taken on board.  It was also important to adopt a flexible approach within the policy, a Member in referring to the fact that no commercial, religious or political usage would be agreed considered that this would restrict officers’ flexibility, but accepted that this statement had been carefully considered to be a sensible approach in order to protect officers and that they worked to an agreed procedure.


In response to a query as to whether traders involved in the key handling should be afforded the opportunity to have commission for the handing out and return of keys. The Head of Service stated that they had been advised by the Legal Department that in such instances it would be a procurement issue which had considerable issues attached to it.  It had therefore been considered more appropriate to undertake the current approach as outlined within the report.  The Chairman also advised that it was fair to say that any person who took responsibility for the keys would also receive in direct advertising themselves as a result which could also transcend via social media etc.


Councillor Hodges, (not a Member of the Committee) with permission to speak, stated that he was grateful for the speed in which the report had been presented and for the detail contained therein.  His only concern was in relation to the annual bookings and the possibility that some may be sub-let or left largely empty.  He was also grateful for the relaxing of the opportunities for schools.  The feedback he had received from users was that it would be an advantage if the beach huts could contain some sort of furniture as there were no facilities within them.  The Head of Service in response confirmed that sub-letting was not allowed within the rules and that with regard to annual tickets, only six of the small and large beach huts would be trialled in this way. Members in considering the points raised felt that as it was a trial it would be beneficial to allow the trial period to take place before any further considerations in relation to furnishings was made.


Councillor G. John, in conclusion, stated that in his view that good progress had been made in developing the draft policy at Appendix B and that a further report would be presented back in February 2017 on lessons learned in time for the season to start in April 2017.


The Chairman in recognising that the beach huts had not been fitted with an electricity supply and aware that his was likely to be a large capital investment, asked whether costing’s could be obtained for future consideration following the pilot being undertaken. 


Having fully considered the report, it was subsequently




(1)       T H A T the operational proposals outlined in the report and the draft beach hut rental policy at Appendix B be endorsed with officers being afforded flexibility within the letting arrangements.


(2)       T H A T following the review of the policy at the end of the 2016/ 17 summer season a report be brought back to the Committee, as soon as possible thereafter.


(3)       T H A T the above recommendations be referred to Cabinet in order that the Barry Island Beach Huts Rental Policy can be considered for approval.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       To advise Cabinet.


(2)       To apprise Members.


(3)       For consideration and or approval.





Having been deferred from the previous meeting of the Committee the performance results for Quarter 3, 1st April to 31st December 2015/16 for Visible Services were presented. 


In commencing the presentation the Head of Service advised that quarterly performance reports were developed to reflect the Departmental Service Plans and designed to ensure that the Council reported performance in the context of progress against its objectives.  Paragraph 5 of the report advised that Visible Services was on course to achieving the objectives contributing to its service outcomes, with 80% of Service Plan actions either complete or on track.  Of the remaining 25 actions within the Service Plan, 3 were reported as complete, 17 on track and 5 having slipped.  Of the 14 Corporate Plan actions, 71% (10) were either complete or on track for completion, 4 (29%) had slipped.  However, the one Outcome Agreement action for the service area had been completed and there were no actions and measures relating to the Improvement Objectives.


Against Outcome 2 “the Vale was a clean, safe, well maintained and sustainable place to live or visit” work was ongoing to monitor vehicle usage and operation requirements to implement the changes that had been outlined in the EDGE review ensuring value for money from the Council’s transport operations.  Under this Outcome, 5 actions had been reported as slipped with the Head of Service advising that paragraph 13 of the report was incorrect and should read as ‘the review of the Highway Service as part of tranche 1 of the Council’s Reshaping Change Programme had been delayed due to a number of issues in the programme.  These being primarily due to the scale of the project, the work undertaken to carry out a market sounding exercise through the summer to gather information and determine market appetite for future working with the Vale, the need to bring in specialist resources via tender process to assist in developing outline businesses cases and review the alternative models which had been agreed following the result of the market sounding exercise in mid-August, and the decision to incorporate Parks and Grounds Maintenance, Waste Management and Cleansing with Highways and Engineering in the procurement of specialist resources for options, appraisal and business case supporting engagement.”


The other actions supported as slipped related to the implementation of the Tree Management Strategy which was currently under review as part of the “People Too” consultancy review.  Work with residents and land owners to facilitate an increase in the number of allotment plots available throughout the Vale had also not progressed as a result of the Welsh Government’s consultation on allotments which was still awaited. 


Although progress had been made towards the building of a new disabled facility at Jackson’s Bay toilet block discussions were ongoing with the lifeguards to relocate part of the club to an alternative facility to enable the scheme to proceed. 


During consideration of the report the following issues were also raised:


What progress was being   made in relation to the issue of fly tipping?

The Department was looking   into the issue of enforcement and how this could be managed in the   future.  A recent recruitment exercise   had been considered seeking a new partner to take forward enforcement   activities the results for this were awaited.    The Head of Service advised that enforcement was one of her main   target areas since she had been appointed to the post.  The Cabinet Member advised that publicity   would be undertaken shortly in relation to the ‘War on Waste’ over the next   two months due to the fact that the amount of litter that was being dropped   around the Vale of Glamorgan was considerable. 

Appreciating the fact that   the money spent on resurfacing was only a fraction of what was required, a   Member queried whether the information that used to be given to Members in   relation to a planned programme for resurfacing could be distributed on a   regular basis.

The Council currently had a   three year plan and it was agreed that a further report be presented to the   Scrutiny Committee with the relevant officer in attendance.

VS/A094 ‘increase the   awareness of the Council’s Emergency Planning arrangements, to ensure that   staff were prepared and contingency arrangements were in place in the event   of an emergency incident. ’

The Chairman stated that   she had been requesting that this item be considered by the Scrutiny   Committee (Housing and Public Protection) in view of incidents that happen in   and around the area.  The Head of Service   advised that for the forthcoming year the Civil Protection Unit, which it was   known as, would have its own Team Plan and Performance Management Framework   and the Civil Protection Officer would attend the Housing and Public   Protection meetings on a quarterly basis to present the data.  The Chairman advised it was important for   Members to also receive training and/ or updates via e-mail if appropriate on   a regular basis. 

WMT/010i, a Member queried   the issues in relation to this PI and what the future proposals would   be. 

The Department was   currently looking at the collection rounds that take place with the   possibility that these could be changed in the future although Members were   reassured that adequate publicity would be given.  The Welsh Government’s WRAP report stated   that the blueprint was to segregate waste. The Council would also need to   consider the options for customers and any legal risks dependant on the   decisions made.  Members realised that   the blueprint was a significant change for the Council.


In referring to vehicle usage the report highlighted that work was ongoing to monitor vehicle usage and operational requirements in order to implement changes that had been outlined in the EDGE review. Committee requested that an update report be presented to a future meeting of the Scrutiny Committee on progress.  Aware too that the implementation of a Tree Management Strategy was also currently under review Members requested that this be undertaken as soon as possible.


Following a query in relation to street parking, the Cabinet Member advised that a report was shortly to be presented to Cabinet on the matter.


Having considered the report it was subsequently




(1)       T H A T the reports outlined above be presented to the Scrutiny Committee in due course.


(2)       T H A T regular updates on Emergency Planning be presented to all Councillors via e-mail.


(3)       T H A T the service performance results and remedial actions to be taken to address service underperformance be noted.


(4)       T H A T the progress to date in achieving key outcomes as outlined in the Corporate Plan, the Outcome Agreement and the Improvement Plan be noted.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       For consideration.


(2)       For information


(3)       In recognition of the work being undertaking to date and the Committees monitoring role.


(4)       In light of progress to date.





The Head of Visible Services and Transport, in presenting the report, advised that the Corporate Plan was a key means of complying with the Local Government Measure 2009 and required the Council to set Improvement Objectives annually and demonstrate continuous improvement.  The Corporate Plan had been approved by Cabinet on 22nd February, 2016 and by Council on 2nd March, 2016 following extensive consultation with key stakeholders and partners.  The proposed Improvement Objectives and associated actions for 2016/17 reflected the four wellbeing outcomes in the Corporate Plan, ensuring that the Council was focussing on the areas in need of the most improvement within its overall areas of identified priority namely the wellbeing outcomes.


Five Improvement Objectives were proposed for 2016/17


  • Objective 1 (Reducing poverty and social exclusion)
  • Objective 2 (Promoting regeneration, economic growth and employment)
  • Objective 3 (Raising overall standards of achievement)
  • Objective 4 (Encouraging and promoting active and healthy lifestyles)
  • Objective 5 (Deliver the Council’s transformational programme, ‘Reshaping Services’ to meet the future needs of citizens of the Vale of Glamorgan, within the context of unprecedented financial challenges).


The five Objectives comprised:


  • Proposals for two new objectives which relate to Objective 1 (Reducing poverty and social exclusion) and Objective 4 (Encouraging and promoting active and healthy lifestyles).
  • Two amendments to existing objectives are proposed which relate to Objective 2 (Promoting regeneration, economic growth and employment) and Objective 3 (Raising overall standards of achievement).  Extending the area of focus for the Council in 2016/17 bringing these in line with the broader objectives outlined in the Corporate Plan 2016-20.
  • It is also proposed that one current objective be carried forward into 2016/17 to reflect the continued focus on Reshaping Services to meet future needs of all Vale citizens (Objective 5).


Appendix 1 to the report outlined the proposed objectives for 2016/17 and provided a rationale for each Objective, what actions would be taken in order to make a difference and the measures the Council would use to measure its progress along the way.  Members were advised that a number of performance measures identified in the Plan currently had no data reported for the 2015/16 period or any targets established for 2016/17.  However, in line with existing performance management arrangements all Council services currently undertook an end of year data collection and verification exercise which would be concluded at the end of April to tie in with data submission to Welsh Government and the Local Government Data Unit. 


In mirroring the Council’s previous approach information on end of year performance and proposed targets would be reported to all Scrutiny Committees in July 2016 as part of the end of year and target setting process.  As such Members would have the opportunity to challenge proposed targets set for all the Improvement Objectives as part of that process. 


At the Committee meeting supplementary information was also tabled detailing examples of the performance indicators of how the Department would measure progress.  Members were reminded that as part of the review of its performance management arrangements the Council would also be reviewing the timetable of performance reporting and target setting in order to identify opportunities to better dovetail its internal reporting arrangements with that of other Council statutory plans.  Members would be kept involved in the process through the recently established working group with proposals to ultimately be made to Cabinet based on the findings from consultation also with key stakeholders including the Local Service Board, Town and Community Councils, voluntary sector organisations and local businesses.  In recognising that work was ongoing and having regard to the key wellbeing objectives as set out in the Corporate Plan 2016-20 it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the proposed Improvement Objectives for 2016/17 be endorsed.


Reason for recommendation


In order that the Council can identify key annual improvement priorities for 2016/17 in line with the requirements of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009.





The Democratic and Scrutiny Services Officer referred Members to the progress in relation to the Scrutiny Committee recommendations for the municipal year 2014/15, the 3rd Quarter October to December 2015 and the 4th Quarter January to March 2016.  The recommendations were set out at Appendices A - C attached to the report.


In referring to Appendix A (Minute No. 573 - Leisure Contract Monitoring), Committee was advised that a draft of the Contract Monitoring Guidance was under development and was to be considered by CMT in Quarter 2 of 2016.  Officers were working to ensure this guidance linked effectively with the Council’s Project Management methodology and once completed training would be commissioned for all Members and staff.  With regard to Minute No. 917 - Traffic Management Task and Finish Group, the report had been referred to Cabinet on 11th April, 2016 for consideration. Cabinet had approved the report and agreed that a further update report on the delivery of the Traffic Management Task and Finish Group Implementation Plan through the Local Transport Plan be reported back to Cabinet in February 2017 following its review by the Scrutiny Committee.


In noting that a further report had been presented to Cabinet on 11th April and subsequently included on the Committee’s agenda under Item 5, it was accepted that following consideration by the Committee and referral back to Cabinet on 25th April, 2016. If the proposals were approved on 25th April a further report would be presented to the Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet in February 2017.


Committee was reminded that at its meeting on 8th March, 2016 it  had recommended that the Consortium representatives developing the Barry Island Link Road be requested to attend a future meeting of the Scrutiny Committee to provide details of the work being undertaken and the timescales involved.  However, the offer had been declined.


Although this response had been disappointing, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration advised the Committee that she would be meeting with the Consortium and officers from the Authority regarding future timescales and was hoping for a proactive discussion and would report back to the Chairman accordingly. 


In referring to Leisure Contract Monitoring and the three Member-led working group that had been established by the Scrutiny Committee, Councillor Bennett reported on visits to two Leisure Centres Llantwit Major and Cowbridge that had been visited by the Chairman and himself.   (Visits to Barry and Penarth having been undertaken and reported on at the end of 2015.)  Councillor Bennett stated that the Llantwit Major site was a unique situation due to its dual usage as a Leisure Centre and school facility.  He reported that the buildings were showing signs of weariness and that some signage required replacing.  Reference was also made to the ongoing building work currently being undertaken with regard to the school which would be completed by 2017.  There was however, good car parking space at the site although this could be somewhat reduced during the school day.  The entrance to the site inside was smart, there were facilities available for disabled users and the Members had received a really warm welcome from staff.  The Cabinet Member for Visible Services advised that he could confirm that over time a significant amount of money had been spent in the Plant Room, with Councillor Bennett confirming that by and large the facilities were good.  The swimming pool, although also showing signs of age, was being made to make it look as good as it could be.  There were however, some issues in relation to the wet changing rooms.    In relation to Cowbridge, Councillor Bennett stated that this was this was one of the newest Leisure Centres.  Disabled access was very good, CCTV was available and the gym was well used.  Members were informed that membership was increasing and the use of the Referral System by GPs had been was well received in all Leisure Centres. 


In referring specifically to the contract with Legacy Leisure, it was acknowledged that this needed to be kept under review and monitored with amendments in the future to be made, if required.  Overall, he stated that in the Members’ view the wet changing areas were a priority for Barry, Penarth and Llantwit Major and if investment was to be realised they should be upgraded in that order.  The Chairman confirmed that the staff that they had met throughout their site visits had been excellent with the Cabinet Member confirming in his view that Legacy Leisure had made a big difference to the provision of the Leisure Centres in the Vale.


In referring to Llantwit Major, he stated that the Council would be considering addressing the issue of the exterior once the school project had been completed.

Another Member of the Committee raised the issue of Barry Sports Centre and that it should also be considered in any future plans by the Council. 


The Chairman, aware that under the new Performance Management Framework to be considered for approval by Full Council on 27th April the service area for leisure would not be within the remit of the Committee, requested that the minutes of the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) in relation to the work undertaken by Members relating to Leisure Centres be referred to the relevant Scrutiny Committee.  In view of the work that had been undertaken by the Committee in monitoring the leisure contract and the ongoing commitment to undertake visits to the Leisure Centres, Members wished to ensure that the new Committee did not lose sight of and continued with the work that had been undertaken to date.  It was suggested that the relevant Scrutiny Committee receive similar Leisure Contract monitoring training that the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) had received and that this be also offered to all Councillors.


The Vice-Chairman also took the opportunity on behalf of the Scrutiny Committee to thank the three Members who had undertaken the site visits on their behalf.  It was subsequently


RECOMMENDED – T H A T the recommendations as outlined below be deemed completed:


6 October 2015

Min. No. 469 – Rhoose   Point Public Open Space Outcome of Consultation Exercise and Proposed   Introduction of Bye Laws – Call-In – Cabinet, 21st September   2015 –   RECOMMENDED to Cabinet

That   Cabinet be requested to reconsider Resolution (2) “….with   the exception of a designated area for fishing that is provided, managed and   policed by a bone fide fishing club that has entered into a service level   agreement with the Council, be agreed to proceed.” in view of the issues   raised at the meeting, especially with regard to no consultation and that the   introduction of an alcohol free zone at Rhoose Point be considered.

Cabinet,   on 14th March, 2016


(1)   That it be agreed to proceed with the   introduction of byelaws at the open space and lagoon areas at Rhoose Point   prohibiting swimming and camping and also prohibiting fishing that has not   been duly authorised.

(2)   That a notice of intention to make the new   byelaws be publicised and that Cabinet recommends to Council the following:

  •   That Council approve and make the byelaws related to the public open   space and lagoon areas at Rhoose Point under sections 12 and 15 of the Open   Spaces Act 1906 in the form attached to the report at Appendix B
  •   That the Head of Legal Services be authorised to seal and date the   byelaws on behalf of the Council.

(3)   That delegated authority be granted to the   Director of Environment and Housing Services in consultation with the Head of   Legal Services and the Cabinet Member for Visible and Leisure Services to   take such steps necessary under the Local Government (Wales) Act 2012 and any   statutory guidance under the Act to publicise and implement the byelaws.

(4)   That should the byelaws be implemented as   proposed any decisions to either designate an area for fishing or to provide   permission for such activities will be the subject of a future report to   Cabinet.

(Min.   No. C3117 refers)



1 December 2005

Min. No. 629 – Waste   Management and Cleansing Update Report (DEHS) – Recommended

(2)   That the report and the views of the   Committee be referred to Cabinet with the request that Cabinet continue to   urge Welsh Government for the Vale of Glamorgan to carry on with its   co-mingling service as it was working within the Vale and was encouraging   more people to recycle.

Cabinet,   on 11th January, 2016, resolved

[1]   That the contents of the report be   endorsed.

[2]   That, should the Collaborative Change   Programme report recommend alternative recycling collection arrangements, the   Leader will write to Welsh Government advising of the Council’s wish to   retain its co-mingled recycling services, raising the issues detailed within   the report to the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment).

(Min.   No. C3035 refers)



Min. No. 630 – Nell’s   Point Marketing (Call-In) – Recommended

(2)   That notwithstanding Resolution (1) above,   Cabinet be requested to include the consideration of traffic management and   the management of car parking in the vicinity of the Nell’s Point development   in their current review of car parking in the Vale.

Cabinet,   on 11th January, 2016, resolved

[1]   That consideration will certainly be given   to traffic management and the management of car parking in the vicinity of   the Nell’s Point development within the review of car parking in the Vale as   was already the intention.

[2]   That the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and   Environment) be thanked for carrying out a review of the objections of the   Call-in and for confirming that they found no irregularities in the bidding   process and marketing of Nell’s Point and the subsequent appointment of a   preferred bidder for the site.

(Min   No C3035 refers)



5 January 2016

Min. No. 727 – Draft   Corporate Plan 2016-20 (REF) and Performance Management Framework (REF) – Recommended

(2)   That the comments of the Committee as   outlined above be forwarded to Cabinet for consideration having particular   regard to

(i)    the work of the Scrutiny Committee   (Economy and Environment) in relation to Leisure and Play Services and that   such focus not be lost under the new proposals.

(ii)   that further consideration be given to the   titles of the Scrutiny Committees in order for an easier understanding of   their remit.

On   9th February, 2016 Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) noted   the changes to the Plan.

(Min.   No. 832 refers)


Cabinet, on 22nd   February 2016 resolved

For Draft Corporate Plan   –

That   the changes to the Corporate Plan 2016-20 be noted and, following any further   required amendments, the Plan be submitted to Council for consideration on 2   March, 2016.

(Min.   No. C3084 refers)

For Performance   Management Framework –

(1)   That the   proposals for changes to the Council’s Performance Management Framework as   described in the report be approved.

(2)   That the   proposed review of the Council's Scrutiny Committees' names and terms of   reference be agreed and the matter be referred for further consideration by   the proposed working group as set out in resolution 5 below.

(3)   That the report   be referred to the Democratic Services Committee for consideration.

(4)   That subject to   resolutions 1-3 above, the proposal to establish a working group of Elected   Members and Officers to develop further the arrangements that would support   the revised Performance Management Framework, including consideration of the   review of the Council's Scrutiny Committees, be approved.

(5)   That a further report be brought to   Cabinet following conclusion of the review by the working group on matters   relating to the naming and terms of reference of the Council's Scrutiny   Committees.

(Min.   No. C3085 refers)


Council, on 2nd March   2016, Resolved – that the proposals of the Cabinet, as set out in Cabinet   Minute No. C3084, 22nd February, 2016, be approved and the   Corporate Plan 2016-20 approved accordingly.

(Min.   No. 886 refers)



Min. No. 729 – 3rd   Quarter Scrutiny Decision Tracking of Recommendations and Work Programme   Schedule 2015/16 (MD) – Recommended

(2)   That the proposed amended Work Programme   Schedule be amended as below and uploaded to the Council’s website:

  •      Trinity Street Trial Update   be deleted
  •      As advised by the Chairman   Councillor S.T. Wiliam be requested to submit a Request for   Consideration of Matter regarding flood management.

Work   programme schedule updated and uploaded to the Council’s website.



2 February 2016

Min. No. 812 – Integrated   Weed / Pest Control – Request For Consideration – Recommended

That   the Request for Consideration in relation to integrated weed / pest control   be deferred for consideration to the next meeting of the Committee on 8th   March, 2016.

As   below under 08 March 2016.



Min. No. 813 – Revenue   and Capital Monitoring for the Period 1st April to 31st   December 2015 (DEH) – Recommended

(2)   That the relevant officers be requested to   attend a meeting of the Committee to advise on progress in relation to   savings.

Director   was in attendance at the meeting on 14th March, 2016.



Min. No. 814 – Adoption   of the Vale of Glamorgan Local Transport Plan Annual Progress Report (DEH) – Recommended

(2)   That the Committee continues to receive   regular updates on the Local Transport Plan on at least an annual basis.

Added   to work programme schedule.



Min. No. 815 – Coastal   Monitoring Update, Vale of Glamorgan Coastline (DEH) – Recommended

(2)   That further update reports on coastal   monitoring be presented to the Scrutiny Committee on an annual basis.

Added   to work programme schedule.



8   March 2016

Min. No. 913 – Integrated   Weed / Pest Control (DEH) – Recommended

(1)   That the presentation and report be   referred to the Community Liaison Committee and Scrutiny Committee (Housing   and Public Protection).

Referred   to Community Liaison Committee meeting on 26th April, 2016 and   Scrutiny Committee (Housing and Public Protection) on 13th April,   2016.



(2)   That a report be referred back to the   Scrutiny Committee in 12 months’ time updating on any further progress,   including details of any other options that could be considered as well as   well as to raise awareness.

Added   to work programme schedule.




Min. No. 915 – Barry   Island Beach Huts (REF) – Recommended

(1)   That Cabinet further explore options 1, 2   and 3 as outlined within paragraphs 11, 12 and 13 of the report and that a   more flexible approach be afforded to officers within the Beach Huts Policy.

(3)   That the minutes of the meeting be   referred to Cabinet for their consideration in order that a further report   can be prepared having regard to the    suggestions of the Scrutiny Committee contained therein and   recommendations (1) and (2) above.

[(2)     That option 4 (concession proposal) as outlined within paragraph 15 of   the report be not pursued at this time.]

Cabinet, on 14th March, 2016 resolved

(1)   That option   4 (concession proposal) as outlined within paragraph 15 of the original   report to Cabinet be not pursued at this time.

(2)   That the   current concessions continue until 30 April, 2016 with new concessions   starting on 1 May, 2016.

(3)   That Cabinet   receive a further report on 11 April 2016 considering the management of the   Barry Island Beach Huts.

(Min. No. C3121 refers)



Min. No. 916 – Revenue   and Capital Monitoring for the Period 1st April 2015 to 31st   January 2016 (DEH) – Recommended

(2)   That the Coastal and Flood Risk Manager be   invited to a future meeting of the Committee to provide a detailed report on   progress in respect of the Coldbrook Flood Management Scheme.

Added   to work programme schedule.



Min. No. 917 – Traffic   Management Task and Finish Group of the Scrutiny Committee – Update on   Actions Undertaken (DEH) – Recommended

(2)   That a further update report on the   delivery of the Traffic Management Task and Finish Group Implementation Plan   as part of the Local Transport Plan update report be presented in February   2017.

Added   to work programme schedule.



(3)   That Consortium representatives developing   the Barry Island Link Road be requested to attend a future meeting of the   Scrutiny Committee to provide details of the work being undertaken and the   timescales involved. 

Added   to work programme schedule.



Min. No. 918 – Quarter 3   Development Services Performance Report 2015-16 (DEH) – Recommended

(1)   That the Vale Sport Review Plan be   presented to the new Scrutiny Committee with the relevant portfolio   responsibility from May 2016.

Referred   to new Scrutiny Committee from May 2016.



Min. No. 919 – Quarter 3   Visible Services Performance Report 2015-16 (DEH) – Recommended

That   the report be deferred for consideration at the next meeting of the Scrutiny   Committee.

Report   on agenda for 12th April, 2016.




Reason for recommendation


In recognition of progress to date.