Inspire to Achieve - I2A

Inspire to Achieve (I2A) is a European Social Fund funded programme aimed at reducing the number of young people at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training).



Main Office location: Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU

The I2A programme works with those young people that are identified under the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework as ‘at risk’ of disengagement from school and engages them in positive activities and sessions within the school environment.


The programme delivers joint partnership work between Careers Wales and the Vale of Glamorgan Council.  The project works closely with other stakeholders, in particular the Vale of Glamorgan’s Education department.

 What We do:

  • One to one youth work support: the level of work will depend on need. The young person will work towards a wide variety of accredited learning opportunities, minimum Entry 1 threshold that are recognised on the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF). The programme will include a pre-assessment, an introduction, mid-point measure depending on the type of intervention, evaluation to monitor outcomes, and distance travelled from the young person’s and youth worker’s perspectives

  • Group support consisting of 6-8 most vulnerable young people: Bespoke programme developed to meet the needs of the group. This may include personal finance, managing budget, developing confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.  Groups will be offered the opportunity to complete accredited learning opportunities, minimum Entry 1 threshold that are recognised on the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF)

Careers Wales Support:

  • KS3 Employer Engagement – visits, talks, activities, alumni
  • KS4 tailored work placements – tasters, time-bound or up to 2 days a week long term or employer site visits
  • Enhanced careers support focusing on career management skills – planning/goal setting/decision making etc. Could also include preparation for work placement
  • The programme can be delivered to small groups of participants or on a one-to-one basis


Aims of the I2A Project:

  • Support young people who are at risk of becoming disengaged from education to remain engaged in education.  This could include improved attendance, attainment or behaviour
  • To provide guidance on further training or education young people can access post-16
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of those involved 


Referring to the project:

Due to the funding requirements of the project, referrals can only be made by the school following identification as high risk and a panel meeting.

Partners involved in the project:

The I2A project is part of a larger operation across a total of four local authorities, Careers Wales, Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC) and Coleg Gwent.


ESF - smallFurther information from the Lead Beneficiary, Newport City Council, can be found following the link below:

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