Barry Docks Transport Interchange

The Vale of Glamorgan Council and its local partners are seeking your views on possible changes in the vicinity of Barry Docks Railway Station.


The aim of the proposed Barry Docks Transport Interchange is to provide a bus and taxi interchange, enhance station access and facilities to accommodate increasing numbers of people using an increased number of trains, each with increased seating capacity, which will stop at Barry Docks Station from 2023 onwards.


These improvements will need to be implemented in stages.


The Council have an opportunity to bid for funds from Phase 1 of the Cardiff Capital Region, Metro Plus Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Programme and funding is available for:

  • The creation of ‘interchanges’ that incorporate all modes

  • Enhanced Park and Ride facilities, including electric charging infrastructure

  • New and extended Metro networks, giving opportunities for all


The Vale of Glamorgan Council is making a bid to this programme for funds to enable provision of a Transport Interchange at Barry Docks Station, as the next stage of improvements following the Park and Ride and Station upgrades in 2010-12.


Options Considered

In consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including local businesses, service providers and community organisations, a number of options for establishing a transport interchange at Barry Docks have been explored.


The aim is to improved transport connections and support modal shift. 


The strategic aims are to support to the economic development of both Barry and the wider Cardiff City region, assist those seeking to access employment, training and other services in the region, encourage greater use of sustainable transport modes and help improve air quality and reduce congestion and noise.


The Council has been using the Weltag process of appraising options and at the end of Stage 2 the preferred  option was indicated as Option 2.


  • Option 2 – Bus/Taxi Interchange to be located south of the Station on part of Docks Offices Car Park and an additional Park & Ride Car Park, accessed from Dock View Road, to be located north of the Station platform, with Residential and possibly Commercial Uses to be located north west of station


The development anticipated  under Option 2 will make a significant contribution towards the establishment of the comprehensive mobility hub at Barry Docks that is the ultimate vision of the Council. 


Housing on site, on land north of the line, could include social housing provision and mean anyone taking up residency had direct access to all modes of sustainable transport for the journeys they need to undertake, negating the need for car ownership.


Commercial development will make the station environment more attractive in general, by increasing the available facilities, including the potential for further community as well as retail facilities to be provided.


Locating the bus/taxi interchange to the south of the station establishes it as a distinct facility in its own space, emphasising its role as the gateway between the station and the town. 


The preferred Option 2 also offers greater support for walking and cycling (active travel) by improving routes to the station from the north, the south and the west.


By placing the focus on use of sustainable modes option 2 also offer greater capacity to achieve inclusion and equality, with those excluded more likely to be able to access these modes than they are to own or have access to a car. Increased inclusion will, in turn, lead to greater opportunities for vulnerable groups to access jobs, training and services, via the rail network. This will be particularly relevant to post-Covid recovery.

Preferred Option: Option 2

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is proposing that their funding bid seeks support to establish a Transport Interchange based on Option 2 as a first stage of development.


If funding is agreed, this will establish a bus and taxi interchange to the south of the station platforms. It will also lay the foundations to provide an additional Park & Ride Car Park, accessed from Dock View Road, to the north of the Station platforms and Residential and possibly Commercial Uses to the north west of the Station, as future development phases.


The Transport Interchange provided will include:

  • Capacity to accommodate a small number of business, retail and/or community hubs in its central area.

  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be provided in car park areas that can be used by both station users or local residents

  • Improvements to existing pedestrian and cycle route to the Station from Dock View Road

  • Designated cycle and pedestrian route (and crossings) provided north/south across the site

  • Existing pedestrian subway leading to the station platforms will be refurbished

  • Additional cycle parking (Sheffield stands and cycle lockers) will be provided 

  • Signage, lighting and seating in the Station vicinity will be improved.


Have Your Say

We are seeking views on use of the current station and whether the improvements proposed may encourage you to use the station more often.


We very much welcome your opinions and these will be used in the final planning and design stages to ensure a Transport Interchange is provided that can meet your needs.


The survey is completely anonymous. It will not ask you your name or ask for an email address.


A postcode is requested, for where you live, as this will assist us to understand from where you need to travel to access the station.


Complete Survey 


If you have any difficulty completing the survey online, please call:

  • 01446 700111


This consultation will close on: 7 December, 2021