Supporting People

Supporting People is a national framework for planning, delivering and monitoring housing related support services. 


Housing related support seeks to enable vulnerable people to maintain and increase their independence and capacity to remain in their own home.


The programme aims to deliver housing related support services that are:

  • High quality
  • Strategically relevant
  • Cost effective
  • Complementary to existing care services 


  • Supporting People in Wales

    In Wales the Supporting People programme is delivered by the Welsh Government and Local Authorities through a single revenue funding stream called the Supporting People Programme Grant.

  • The Ethos of the SP Programme

    “Supporting People provides a holistic, citizen centred approach to help people become independent and move out of disadvantage. Many of the people accessing the services have multiple needs which are being met by health or social services. However, many individuals have additional needs that would not be met by other services. The services provided should be designed to help people develop the skills and confidence necessary to live independently without support, or to maintain independent living with ongoing support.


    Supporting People is about individualised care targeted at improving the life of that person whilst developing essential personal, social and financial skills for keeping the home they are in. Regular visits from district nurses and social workers may help in many ways but Supporting People helps with the payment of the bills, managing money and engaging with the other services. This leads to the development of confidence and resilience in client groups”


    (The Supporting People Programme in Wales: Final Report, 2010)

  • The Welsh Government and Supporting People

    The Welsh Government leads the Supporting People Programme at a national level; they issue guidance on how the programme should be run locally, oversee commissioning decisions and have recently reviewed the programme.


    The Supporting People Programme in Wales: Final Report November 2010 (Review)


    The Supporting People Programme in Wales: Conclusions and Recommendations





  • Our Mission
    “To make the Vale a safe and healthy place in which individuals, children and families can live their lives to the full"
  • Our Vision

    "To meet the needs of individuals and communities by providing quality services, in partnership with others, which respects diversity and promotes independence"


The Supporting People Team


Supporting People administers grant funding to service providers to deliver a range of housing related support services which can include:


  • Mapping existing housing related support services
  • Planning and shaping future service provision
  • Monitoring and reviewing existing services
  • Evidencing the need and demand for housing related support services
  • Evaluating the ‘outcomes’ achieved
  • Listening to service users views
  • Ensuring service providers comply with grant and contract requirements


Supporting People administers grant funding to service providers to deliver a range of housing related support services which can include:

  • Shared temporary accommodation and housing
  • Supported housing
  • Sheltered housing
  • Crisis intervention
  • Low level and ongoing support
  • Floating support
  • Community alarm services
  • Homeless preventative work
  • Direct access accommodation, including hostels and domestic abuse refuges



Supporting People Reviews

The Supporting People Team carries out regular monitoring of all the SP funded housing related support services in the Vale. This is to ensure that all services are strategically relevant, that effective support is being delivered and that the services are producing value for money. Once a report has been agreed with the provider it will be published on this site.


Adult Placment Service Review - Web Version 2016


Atal Y Fro Report 2016 


Cartrefi Cymru Review 2015


CMG Review 2016


Gofal report 2017


Gwalia report 2017


Hafod Care Review 2017


Innovate Review 2016


Newydd Alarm Review 2016



Supporting People 'Outcomes'

‘Outcomes’ is the term used to describe the collection of information about the ‘distance travelled’ by a service user; what they have achieved and the skills they have developed as a result of the housing related support they have received.


  • The Development of Supporting People Outcomes
    The Welsh Assembly asked the national Supporting People Information Network (SPIN) in 2008 to look at developing a National Outcomes Framework for Supporting People services in Wales.


    The majority of Supporting People service providers were already collecting outcomes for their services and the intention behind developing a national core set of outcomes was not to create additional administrative burden, but to collect information that is already recorded in service users’ support plans and present it in a way which reflect the benefits of the service.


    Supporting People in Wales aimed to develop a national outcomes framework which complements the service providers existing practice whilst not making things more difficult.


    The national Supporting People outcomes framework was developed in conjunction with Supporting People teams, service providers, Cymorth Cymru and stakeholders.

  • Key principles
    People have the right to aspire to safe, independent lives within their community and the financial security and health to enjoy that community.


    People differ in the barriers they face in achieving these aspirations. Housing related support seeks outcomes for people that are steps on the way towards these ultimate aspirations.


    Outcomes should be person centred, purposeful, negotiated and agreed with the individual and, if appropriate, with their advocates, supporters or carers through the support planning process.


    Outcomes will be achieved through support interventions that resolve identified need and enable maximum possible control, involvement and understanding for an individual across the outcome areas.

  • What are the Supporting People Outcomes?
    The Supporting People outcomes are collected for individual service users, they are then collated to provide ‘project outcomes’:


    The project is: Promoting Personal and Community Safety

    Because people are:

      - Feeling safe

      - Contributing to the safety and well-being of themselves and of others


    The project is: Promoting Independence and Control

    Because people are:

      - Managing accommodation

      - Managing relationships

      - Feeling part of the community


    The project is: Promoting Economic Progress and Financial Control

    Because people are:

      - Managing money

      - Engaging in education/learning

      - Engaged in employment/voluntary work


    The project is: Promoting Health and Wellbeing

    Because people are:

      - Physically healthy

      - Mentally healthy

      - Leading a healthy and active lifestyle


    The national outcomes framework is currently being piloted in a number of Welsh Local Authorities including the Vale of Glamorgan Supporting People team. The pilot will be reviewed regularly with the intention of eventually being rolled out across all SP funded services in Wales.




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